Friday, December 11, 2009

Snow Day

Finally! We have some snow. If it is going to be freezing cold anyway, I need snow to go along with it. The kids have been dying to go sledding and so the day after our first legitimate snowstorm we decided to go. Andy wasn't able to go to work because of the snow so he hit the store and came home with some new sleds. We went to Herriman's most popular snow hill, and we got there early enough that there was still plenty of snow left to sled on.

Ethan hopped out of the car and went right down the hill.

Hallie went down quickly too, but then was a little nervous to go again.

Dylan went down with daddy and seemed to enjoy it but didn't want to go again.

Ethan could have stayed for hours but Hallie and Dylan didn't love the cold temperature. By the time we left my mouth and chin were so cold I felt like I had just come home from the dentist. Sometimes doing things like this with the whole family can be a lot of work. It takes a while just to get everyones snow gear on, and then you have to go through it all over again to get everyones snow clothes off, not to mention the mess that is now left in the entryway of the house. I sometimes have a hard time getting past these issues, and when the kids ask if we can go sledding or go play in the snow my first reaction is to say "no". But, seeing the smiles on the kids faces and knowing that they have made fun family memories make it all worth it! I will try to remember this the next time the kids ask to do something that takes a little effort.


Tiga said...

This is so exciting! It makes me excited to see you guys during Christmastime! We are going to see you guys lots, I hope!

sara said...

Your kids are so cute. But I have to admit I am glad Kade is still to little to want to go out in the cold!

Bryan Crew said...

One of the few things I miss... Your kids are getting so big!

Julie Lloyd said...

way to go Gina.. I always say "no" too, or "dad would love to take you!"

Bryan Crew said...

Gina, it is time to put your foot down about the "whale ride". Maybe it's just that our Ethan is older and we go all too often. Just not enough time for that ride!