Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ballet Recital

Hallie had her first ballet recital on December 13.  She was very excited to dance on stage for the first time.  Her dad, however, was not too excited to spend two hours watching other children dance and about a minute and a half watching Hallie.  Nevertheless, she looked super cute and actually did a pretty good job dancing (I was worried she might just get on stage and twirl)!  I'm sure this is just the first of many years of recitals!

Jaci, Addie, Hallie


Jaimi said...

How cute!!! She looks adorable in that costume. I know how Andy feels and I teach dance for a living. :) but come on it's worth it right?

Dartay said...

She is too dang cute! You can just see that 'sass' looking at her pictures! This is just the beginning of many recitals to come, so Andy better start loving it!