Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thanksgiving in Gig Harbor

We drove to Gig Harbor, Washington to visit Andy's Aunt Kristi and the rest of the Lundquist family.  After two days, about fourteen hours, of driving we were all very excited to get to their house.  We had such a fun week there.  We went to lots of movies, visited, and played games all week long.  On the day before Thanksgiving we drove into Seattle and visited the Space Needle.  Andy and I had been there before but we thought it might be fun for the kids to see.  It was a cold and windy day but it was still fun to be up so high and see the beautiful city.

The next day was Thanksgiving and we enjoyed one the the most yummy Thanksgiving dinners we can remember.  I found a new love for sweet potatoes while Andy discovered cranberry relish.  We were also very grateful to have the children at a different table.  We had such a fun time and we always enjoy our trips to see the Lundquist family.  It is definitely worth the drive.

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