Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sweater Party

Each year we host a Christmas sweater party.  Everyone who attends is required to wear a beautiful Christmas sweater.  I think our collection of sweaters amounts to around 15 now.  We give away prizes to the people with the "most festive" sweaters.  We also play games every year.  This year we played the usual "oven mitt" game, where you roll dice to try and open a present wrapped with packaging tape while wearing oven mitts.  This year we added some new games including a relay game of opening hershey kisses with a santa hat, scarf, and mittens on, and a pictionary game where the loser either has to drink a glass of egg nog or sing karaoke.  We ended the night with funny white elephant gifts.  It was a super fun night and is something we look forward to every Christmas season.

Check out my buttons and Andy's sequins! 


Tiga said...

Can I ask what the H (Pardon my Idaho.)you're doing in that picture slightly below the top? Floor? Gloves? Fake Garland...? Please fill me in.

Gina said...

thats not fake garland it's a scarf. It was a game!