Saturday, February 7, 2009

White Christmas

I am truly always dreaming of a white Christmas but this year I think it went a little to far!  We left our house pretty early on Christmas day to go visit family.  When we left there was about eight inches of snow already but while we were away it continued coming down.  By the time we arrived back home there was over two feet of snow!  Luckily our traveling went okay because the storm seemed to just hover over Herriman.  Our elders quorum (the ones who spent Christmas day at home) spent the afternoon helping people get out of their houses and shoveling driveways.  We were very grateful that we were able to get into our garage when we got home.  It was very beautiful but I think next year I won't dream of such a white Christmas!  


Bryan Crew said...

Thank you for reminding me why I am now a "desert rat" from Vegas. We get cold here when the temp is not 50+!!! Nice sweaters, by the way.

Stinsonian said...

Love the blog! I can't believe how much snow you had and I can't believe how old Hallie looks in those dance pictures! What a cutie!!