Sunday, July 26, 2009

A couple of firsts

The first of our firsts belongs to Ethan.  A couple of weeks ago, while camping and eating corn on the cob, he lost his first tooth.  He was very excited and didn't even mind that his mouth was bleeding (apparently it didn't hurt).  He was especially excited for the tooth fairy.  However, when he woke up in the morning he came downstairs and told his dad that the tooth fairy had taken his tooth but didn't leave any money.  They quickly went to Ethan's room and discovered that the money had fallen onto the floor.  The tooth fairy had left him one dollar and sixty cents.   Ethan has another loose tooth and has been begging for more corn on the cob!

Our second first belongs to Dylan.  At the age of 18 months he had his first haircut.  Dylan has curly hair and I kept it long because I wanted him to be one of those little boys with beautiful big curls, but that never happened.  His curls have a mind of their own and mostly they just flipped up in the back and by his ears.  So finally I decided it was time for a change.  I stripped him down to his diaper, gave him a sucker, stuck him in the bathtub, and went to work.  I think the end result turned out well.  Isn't he such a cutie!

Our families next first happens tomorrow with Ethan's first day of first grade.  More to come!


Dartay said...

Nice work on the haircut, he looks darling! I'm gonna send Darren over ;)

sara said...

Dylan looks just like Ethan. So cute.